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Jared is a visionary leader and the driving force behind CoWork Reho, boasting a track record of impressive achievements. As a native of Sussex County with a deep connection to the beach, Jared long envisioned the Delaware beaches evolving into a vibrant, year-round destination.

Years ago, he purchased a small condo in downtown Rehoboth and regularly jogged past an empty space that would later become CoWork Reho. After it sat vacant for over a decade, Jared seized the opportunity to buy the property at an auction in January 2020.

Jared credits his success to his faith, expressing gratitude for the divine guidance and support from the City of Rehoboth in bringing CoWork Reho to life.

A full-time real estate agent, Jared dedicates his professional life to listing, selling, and finding beautiful homes for his clients. In his personal time, he enjoys traveling and seeking new adventures.

Jared continues to jog past the once-vacant building, now filled with a thriving community, reflecting his unwavering commitment to his vision and the local community.

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